Rock 4 SE Power supply with 12v

i want to built in the rock 4 se into an enclosed chassis with other components. inside the chassis i want to have a power distribution which comes from one single inlet. This inlet will be most likely 12v. Is it possible to make a little board with usb-c plug, and give 12v on the power pins, or does the Rock 4 need the charger to negotiate the voltage with PD/QC protocol first?

So is it okay to just throw static 12v onto the usb-c power inlet of the rock 4 se?

You can direclty supply 12V via the USB C port on ROCK 4 SE.

Tagging on here. I am waiting to receive my rock4SE. Can you power it via the gpio pins, like you can the rpi? In other words, can you apply 12V to pins 2 or 4 to run the board?

You can only apply 5V to pin 2 & 4 to power on the board. 12V on pin 2 & 4 will burn the board.

what about different variants? 4b+?

@ Jack:
That’s what I assumed. Thanks for confirming.