[Rock 4 SE] Debian Experimental XFCE image

With Kernel 6.6.11 since Kernel 6.6.x supports the Rock 4SE(rk3399t) board!!!

Login: debian
Password: debian


Good work! This image works better than anything else I’ve come across! :+1:

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Thanks for the compliment, but it was easy since the new 6.6.x Kernel supports the Rock4SE board, do you also use Linux on Desktop Computers? I’ve published an own Linux distribution called XitecOS

its based on debian testing(with firmwares) andMX Linux with a Liquorix kernel 6.6.12 its very fast and user friendly, maybe you want to try it and give me feedback.
I provide a XFCE Version and a commandline version with scripted installation of the system, wifi setup and desktop installation(with or without additional software) to build your own distribution based on Debian Testing, the backup.sh script creates an iso of your installed system and adds the calamares installer to it. its very nice. i hope you or somebody else enjoy it…

maybe i try to build other linux distributions then debian in the future.
email with suggestions to: wieczorekdaniel72@gmail.com

Thanks a lot ! I can’t believe i can use new kernel 6.6.x on my SE sooner than my Opi 5 lul.

Spent whole day install steam and now it work well. That was great, before that i used TwisterOS but couldn’t launch steam.
(Well 800 Mb Ram left can’t launch any game, but steam remote work, it’s worth it!)

p/s: Build a linux img seem fun, can you suggest me what I need to know to create one for myself? Any documents or tutorials is okay. I can’t find anything useful on my 3rd country search engine.

i use docker containers to build the whole system from the bottom, and then i export the filesystem, generate an image and extract the filesystem into the mounted image. if you have telegram, i can support you while generating your first image, but i do not know where to find a tutorial…

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Thanks for your suggestion, I’m afraid I can only do research in my (very little) free time. The step “build the whole system from the bottom”, can you break it down into smaller goals so I can understand what I need to do?

I saw this tutorial - Building Armbian - Armbian Documentation, It makes me think that building an linux image is taking an existing version, editing the .dtb file to get everything working. Is it correct?

you start a docker container [docker run -dit --name container arm64v8/debian:bookworm /bin/bash] and download a rootfile system from docker hub into it(its about 50MB). Then you can use apt(debian/ubuntu) to install software and kernel. E.g.: you can add the radxa repo and install drivers from their repository. when you’re finished you can export the containers filesystem to a tarball[docker export -o rootfs.tar container]. then you create an empty image[with dd], make a filesystem on it[with mkfs.ext4], mount it somewhere and then extract the tarball into the mountpoint of your image. That’s the way you do it

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wow it’s very clear and easy to understand. I’ll try it after I finish my job. I’m testing if the orange pi 5 retropie armbian work on SE . So lucky, to meet you and get many ideas on the last day of the year (lunar new year). Thanks for create a good Debian img for SE user.

i’m glad to hear that people enjoy my builds, i also running a raspi 5 on kernel 6.7.4 but its harder to built images for it then on radxa board with drivers in their repository. if you need help, let me know

check my new image builder for rock4se

test my new image builder for rock 4 SE