Rock 4 SE crash on Ubuntu 20.04.5 Kernel 4.4

SOC: Rock 4SE 4 GB
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.194-11-rk3399-rockchip-g1bb08d49cc40 aarch64)

After some time rock 4 SE crash after some time (maybe it depends on load).
OS downloaded from radxa website.
OS installed on eMMC (on uSD - same thing).

[As a new user, I could noy post more than 2 links, so I had to modify the links, splitting them up and write github-com.]

Hmm, I also have issues with my (new) board.
I tried to flash a micro-sd card (128GB)

Since I don’t see anything on the HDMI, I do not know if everything is fine or if I got a crash.
Or if my board is broken.

What I see:
The green LED is lit, I don’t get any blinking blue LED.
I seem to be connected on physical/ethernet level, since the router turns on o LED for that port.
Waiting does not seem to help.

Some webpage said it could take 2 minutes, I don’t think I waited that long the first time I booted.

I used rock-4se_ubuntu_jammy_kde_2023-01-01T0627+0000_gpt.img from
https github-com /radxa-build/rock-4se/releases

I noted that for “Rock 4 SE” points to Rock 4B (don’t know if that is correct or not)
https github-com /radxa/debos-radxa/releases/download/20221109-1007/rockpi-4b-ubuntu-focal-server-arm64-20221109-1331-gpt.img.xz

I think I saw a post somewhere about later versions of the Rock 4 SE files did not work. But I cannot find it right not.

Can someone help me get the board to boot, or help debug if it is broken?

Regards, Fredrik

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I’ve got the same problem . Board crashes every 1/2 days. Hard to say why. Did you solve your issues?

Unfortunately no. There was an beta image which was based on Linux kernel v.5 - that one has not the issue. I can not find this anymore. Tip: Search in web time machine for wiki radxa 4SE.

For SE model use image for B.

Worth trying.

I know where the problem was, at least in my case. I installed Armbian with kernel 5 but it didn’t help. But finally, instead of using QC 3.0 power adapter, I switched to fixed 12V 2A adapter with usb-c connector. 4 days without hangs.