Rock 4 SE as a NAS - anyone running this?


I was wondering if it is possible to run a ROCK 4 SE as a NAS and if any of you have setup anything like this?
I was thinking something like 5-6tb nas system running jellyfin with omv.
Is this possible and what is needed of hardware, sata disk etc.?

Just 1 drive?

Then it would be possible and easy.

You will need pcie to sata converter, case for the sbc and case for drive.

On software side you can pick ubuntu or debian and install omv on it.

But if you plan on multiple drives and raid and want good speed then you will have to document the detail and see how well the sbc can perform for that requirement.
Good luck.

It is possible. With your low requirements, you may as well use a single 5TB 2.5" USB disk that only needs single cable for both power & data, to reduce complexity and cost.

See this:

Should also run fine with an SE. Although the complete kit is currently sold out everywhere, at least some German shops said it will be available again end of July. However, you still can order the Penta-Sata-HAT

I have a 4C with the complete kit, runs rock-solid over the last 16 month with 4 SSD’s and OMV. Note that this solution uses the PCIe interface, NOT USB.

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Thanks for the update, but it seems like the sata kit is sold out almost all over :frowning:

As I said, should be in stock and end of July, but to be honest, it would be not the first time that this date will be moved from week to week…

Sorry for reviving this.

What OS are you running and are you using OMV?
I have tried to install Armbian and OMV over the past few days but after the reboot part of the installation the rock doesnt boot properly anymore.

I am using the SATA hat you have linked above.

A little bit more information is probably needed to find someone who can help. Yes, I use Armbian with OMV installed on top of it, but an old version. Hence, try to install Armbian first. What is your boot medium? For a NAS, EMMC would be an option I guess. Once this works, install the SATA service on top, then go to armbian-config, select the Softy module, install OMV.

Thanks for getting back to me!
I managed to figure it out. I think the image i was trying to use was not compatible with my SBC (when i ran the update and upgrade commands and rebooted a lot of the services failed on boot). I ended up with a CLI image from the Okda download page and made it work and now have OMV and Plex installed on the device!

Right now i am booting of an SD card - is that worse than the eMMC module?

Good question. My experience with Raspberry Pi was that either the cards OR the card holder had bad quality. In the end, 3 cards died. That said, I also managed to kill one card holder on a Rock 4C+, the little spring got broken. So I prefer emmc for devices that are in use every day, but that is probably my own choice.

My unit is a rock 4 se. So i do have the capability of upgrading to emmc in the future
I’ll make sure to backup the OS so i can salvage it if it ends up dying down the line.

This is my first rock/pi project so its a whole new world for me - so i will get deeper into the whole thing as time progresses :slight_smile: