Rock 3C's image partition

Can somebody tell me where can i get the rock 3C’s image partition table? Rock 3C’s image partion is different with Rock 3A’s image partion, and there is not offical image partion table on the web.

I think @hachi misunderstood you, but you can still download the image and use fdisk -l to check the partition table. However, please be aware that the partition table is subject to change without notice. If you need to manipulate the raw disk, you should query the system to find out the partition layout.

What i need is to get ROCK 3C’s the partition table, like the ROCK S partition table info.

refer: RockpiS/partitions - Radxa Wiki.

Using this partition info, i can build myself system image.

Is there any tool to do the system image backup for rock 3C, like (for rock s, rock 4)?

In your case then you only want to know the bootloader offset, since the partition can start anywhere past the bootloader storage. We begin our partitions at 16MiB.

For our U-Boot, we install them to the following location:

@ken please check the backup script status. However, my suggestion is to create full disk image as your backup.