Rock 3C gpio missing


I am familiar with Raspberry Pi for which I have several applications. I have just purchased a Rock 3C, after installing rock Ubuntu Jammy I realized that there is very little I can do with this board since there isn’t even a gpio software interface.

Where can I find a guide to interface with common sensors like adafruit DHT22 sensor, 1 wire temperature sensors, bme280, bmp180, accelerometers, etc.?

Has anyone tried to interface a Rock 3C to a Iono Pi or a Sense HAT?

Is there any way to interface to the most basic 1 wire DS18B20 temperature sensor?
How about a BMP280 or a DHT22?

you might need to load three driver modules (wire, w1_gpio and w1_therm) to use the Dallas 1-wire temperature sensor.

done, thank you

what is the pin for 1 wire? I tried PIN 40 first as it appears it might be mapped to 1 wire according to rsetup, but n joy, I tried also PIN 8 and PIN 10. Nothing.
Where do I find the documentation? Or rather…is there any documentation?

Has anyone been successful in reading a simple DS18B20 or a DHT22 and how?