Rock 3B Yocto support

Hi… Everyone
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We are supposed to use the Rock 3B for one of our project
Right now we are evaluating the board options

The aim is to generate the custom Linux distribution using Yocto

I get to know that, official BSP meta layer “meta-rockchip” supporting Rock 3A
However, support of Rock 3B is still missing

Although from the schematic, it seems both boards are using the same processor, PMIC, eMMC and RAM

Is it possible to use the same machine name and packages for the 3B ?


Yes, ROCK 3B is a super set of ROCK 3A, they are identical design from the beginning. Just ROCK 3B has one more ethernet and other small features.

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Thanks @jack for confirming

That’s actually really great for us
The reason is, we have a very short deadlines and we don’t wast that much time for U boot and kernel customization

We need the support of the LVDS and eDP for the the display, that we will accomplish via activating drivers from the menuconfig and patching the Rock 3A’s .dts file

Thank-you :slight_smile: