Rock 3A - USB port

Product in review : Rock 3A
Product to replace : Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+

Question : Is there a separate/special pin or pad for USB port of 3A?

ROCK 3A 제품의 USB 포트가 별도의 핀이나 패드로도 나와있을까요?

ROCK 3A’s design is complete and there is no spare USB header available on the board.

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For Raspberry Pi 3B,
we can solder wires to the USB port on the back of the 3B SBC.
Can we do the same with Rock 3A?

We want to use the wire out and connect it to the main board.


If you are OK with soldering then you can do the same thing to our board. Although the warranty will likely be voided.

For production unit we can offer connector-less version as long as the order meets the minimal quantity or value requirement. Replacing the connector will cost more up-front since we need to re-do the layout, but could save more in the long run by removing the soldering step in your production process. Please contact our sales for more details about how to make our product more suitable for you.

@RadxaYuntian , as I understand, another way of accesing USB, is via pinhead is by removing R90526/R90527 and adding R90536/R90537. Where are they?. Whay would be the MOQ to purchase a batch of 3A qith this mod?.

Thank you.

You can check schematic and SMD placement map from here. However, the parts you mentioned are resistors on I2C bus connected on 40-pin header, so I failed to see how they could give you access to USB.

For MOQ please contact