Rock 3A Sound Quality

Using the recent debian and ubuntu linux images for the Rock3 A, the sound quality out of the 3.5mm port is bad. Clicks. Scratchy. Tinny. Just sounds noticeably bad.

Tested using:

Do I have a bad board or are others experiencing this as well?

@cqmcgaha I will check the sound quality out of 3.5mm port with debian/ubuntu image.

Can you also provide the audio file?


My Hardware:

  • Rock 3A V1.2
  • 16GB eMMC
  • 3.5 mm Headphones with Mic
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse

I started with playing /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav and that sounded bad then tried other audio files. I like to use a segment of bohemian rhapsody as it has loud, soft, left, right. But any song I have played via local WAV, MP3 or from youtube is similar bad sound.

Replacing the Rock3 with a Rock4 B V1.4 running latest Armbian OS the sound quality is ok. Volume too low. But at least sounds ok.

Let me know how to send you a SoundTest.mp3 file, if you want.

Thank you for your help.