Rock 3A PoE Fan Control PIN mapping

Hi, according to the Wiki ( PIN#15 is used for motor control and PIN#33 for fan speed.
The Python script ( works in general, it reads out the temperatur and sets the speed, but nothing happens. But the script is configured for the F4 mode, with PIN#16 and PIN#13.
When I adapt the script to model F3 with P#15 and P#33, it cannot write P#33 and the script aborts.
Is this port mapping even correct, do I miss something else?

I am having Rock 3A Revision V1.2 and I just realised that I do not need to configure the PIN# but the GPIO#. GPIO#16 and GPIO#13 should be correct:
But still, the fan is not getting started, when the devices is powered up, it turns on for 1 second, so it should work in general.

@RadxaYuntian can you give some advice ?

I think this was written by @setq.

I have connected the fan to the Rock3A board and can control the fan speed with following instructions: