Rock 3A OS Boot

Hello all. I’ve received my Rock 3A and have been able to bring it up on the Debian 10 distro fairly easily. I’ve seen some have had issues, but the only problem I had was power, which was quickly determined and corrected. The Debian OS is functional to be sure, but has some drawbacks IMHO, I also downloaded the Ubuntu distro, and it booted fine as well, or at least as good as this noob can tell. I have been playing with a Rock64 running Manjaro Plasma, and I’m quite impressed with it. I saw an “unofficial” version listed on the available OS listings, and downloaded that, but it would not boot (from SD). The Manjaro logo comes up, and the “wait wheel” spins, and that’s it. Has anyone got this to run? If so any tips? and Does anyone know if Manjaro is going to offer an Official dostro. Thanks

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