Rock 3a not getting ip address

I’ve flashed ubuntu, armbian and a few other images that has worked before and even changed the board.

I flash the image.
The green led comes on and then the blue one comes on and starts flashing after a while but the board never receives an ip address

Not sure where to start here please help

Blue flashing is a good sign, it typically means the kernel is up and started. However, if you have no HDMI output, and no Ethernet, the only option is to use a serial console to see what goes wrong.


You can buy a TTL-USB adapter from Amazon, if you do’t have the “official” one. Search for “FTDI”.

However: Before, double check you have the right image, i.e. you have a 3a HW and a 3a image. Also, start with the official Radxa Debian from

I’ve connected an hdmi cable and the board boots up and goes to terminal but doesn’t load the network interface maybe just needs to be enabled or something?