[Rock 3a] Need Testers for imagebuilder

i made a image builder for most Debian Suites. You can choose:

  • Debian Suite (testing,experimental,trixie,sid,bookworm,bullseye)
  • Board (rock3a,rock4b,rock4c,rock4se,rock5a,rock5b)
  • Desktop (none,xfce4,gnome,mate,cinnamon,lxqt,lxde,unity,budgie,kde)
  • Kerrnel (Standard Kernel of the Suite or latest availible Linux Kernel [currently 6.8.0-rc7] )
  • Headers (Installing Kernelheaders or not)
  • Interactive shell in the Dockercontainer or not
  • You can Define username and password of the created sudo user
  • You can add packages to install in the apt-packages.txt file

I emulate the builds with QEMU but have currently no board, so i need testers.
QEMU has no cortex A55 emulator. I use similar once: cortex A53 or A57. So having testers would be niceā€¦
Please support me, try it and give feedback.
Thank you very much