Rock 3A HDMI issue

The current u-boot from the BSP seems not to turn on HDMI so users are not able to select a kernel version or see any boot messages. HDMI is available only at a later time at login.
I tried to add the following but it did not help:

&hdmi {
        status = "okay";

&hdmi_in_vp0 {
        status = "okay";

&hdmi_in_vp1 {
        status = "disabled";

Does anyone have this issue?

To select kernel version, you need a serial console. You can set up serial console according to this guide, .

I was thinking about the user side. Let’s think of something to select a new kernel in the userland. Hope the default token works with this u-boot.

“default” works! It can be done in userland.

select kernel                                                                   
1:      kernel-4.19.193-2-rockchip-g7cf7399ddb5c                                
2:      kernel-rk3568                                                         
Enter choice: 2:        kernel-rk3568
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