ROCK 3A: Dallas 1-wire DS9490R (usb), Problem with read out 1-wire-sensors (DS18S20)

Hello Folks,

i want to read out a 1-wire Network of 15 Temp-Sensors (DS18S20) via Dallas DS9490R USB Hub and digitemp (software).

I have running the Network since 2016, and it works with a Dell Wyse Win 7 PC and the DS9490R USB Hub via LogTemp with no Problems.
Just in a Week i have one or two sensors with an error, but thats not the Problem.

Radxa Rock 3a, Latest Firmware (Ubuntu 20.04).
DS9490R is installed without Problems.
digitemp is installed without Problems. DS9490R is recognized and working fine with Test-Sensors (two Sensors with 30cm cable-length).

with the “real” Network of 15 Sensors and about 30m cable-length, digitemp could not read out the sensors without CRC-failed Problems.
When i am lucky, it read out 5 Senors in a row. The others came with the CRC-failed Error.
It is randomed, which Senors are recognized, there is no “pattern” for that (just the nearest, or just one tree, …)

when i changed the Computer (connecting the cable from radxa to win-7 PC) then it works without Problem.

My idea is, could it be that the USB2 interface has lower Power than the Win-7 PC ?

Or should i try to connect the 1-wire network via GPIO ?

Thank you for help and sorry for my bad English,