Rock 3 heatsink

Is the rock pi 4 heatsink suitable for rock 3? If not, is a suitable item available?

It won’t fit on Rock 3A, CPU on 3A is located on top of the PCB au contraire of RockPi 4. Currently there is only one small heatsink available for 3A

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I hope the large one will be released soon =)

ROCK 3A is designed for small heatsink since it’s not so hot. You can add one additional fan if you want to OC.

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Thank you! So does it mean that Rock 3 CPU is both faster and more power efficient than Rock pi 4?

ROCK 3 SoC(RK3568, 22nm) is less powerful but more power efficient than ROCK Pi 4(RK3399, 28nm).


Have you been looking for a heatsink + fan solution for Rock3a?