Rock 3 CSI camera dark green image problem

Hello. I’ve been trying to use an IMX-219 CSI camera with Rock 3A and Rock 3C.
My problem is that no matter what I do, the image is always dark green (on both boards and also 4SE).

I am aware that this is a well-known and very often encountered problem with the software.
Probably it’s configuration-related or something.

CSI cameras are extremely important to me in my projects…
So I wanted to ask - what would be the final and general solution for this?

Maybe it would be a good idea to add the instructions on how to fix this to the documentation?

P.S. Also I noticed that on the 3A the gstreamer1.0-rockchip1 package isn’t available and therefore mpp plugins aren’t available for GStreamer.

@ken please give some advice

May I ask which image you are using?
You use the command ps -aux | grep rkaiq_3A_server to see if the aiq is running.

You mean the OS image? Right, sorry, I forgot to mention.
I’m using Debian Bullseye CLI release B39 because the newest B42 freezes on bootup.

The command that you gave gives the following output:

radxa        739  0.0  0.0   6036   632 pts/0    S+   12:52   0:00 grep rkaiq_3A_server

You can have a try with command apt full-upgrade

Why would that matter? My current OS image is completely up-to-date.
I always do updates first thing after installing a new image.

    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree... Done
    Reading state information... Done
    Calculating upgrade... Done
    The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:
    Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove it.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Can we return to the camera problem?

Because you’re using a cli image without a desktop, there are a lot of packages missing by default, and you can install the missing packages with the command sudo apt install task-rock3c

If you want to use the camera, I still recommend you to use our latest image with desktop,the function support is more complete!

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Huh? Why would they make the decision not to include some of the functionalities in CLI images for the 3 series? RK356X are too weak to handle a desktop environment in a usable way anyway so making it a requirement only wastes RAM and disk space.

I can confirm that installing said package (task-rock-3c, there’s a dash missing) did make the camera work properly, but…

I swear I’m not complaining just for the sake of it. I’m simply genuinely confused, especially since Raspberry Pi CLI images have full camera support no problem.

In general, we recommend using the desktop version of the image, cli version of the temporary support is not comprehensive, must be used cli, you need to install their own.

That is not what I’m asking. I understand what you’re saying. I understood what you said the first time.
What I’m asking is “why?”.

The 3 and 4 series aren’t performant enough to handle a desktop environment.
And hardware acceleration isn’t present anyway.
So why make a DE version in the first place?