RKDevTool v2.69 w/DriverAssistant v5.0 not working on RockPi4B on Windows 10

Some logs from RKDevTool.
I am unable to do anything at all, even attempting to unpack a gpt image - nothing to do with the device itself - fails.

01:57:25 160	RKDevTool v2.6.9.0 start run
01:57:57 267	Layer<1-5-2-1-3>:Download Boot Start
01:58:13 298	RKDevTool v2.6.9.0 start run
01:58:18 051	RKDevTool v2.6.9.0 start run
01:59:36 322	Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0
01:59:58 325	INFO:RKU_ResetPipe-->DeviceIoControl OK
01:59:58 327	Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0
01:59:58 328	Error:ReadChipInfoProc-->RKU_ReadChipInfo failed,err=-3
02:02:16 503	Layer<1-5-2-1-3>:Download Boot Start
02:02:29 918	RKDevTool v2.6.9.0 start run
02:02:47 190	Layer<1-5-2-1-3>:Download Boot Start

how to unpack an image with RKDevTool?

RKDevTool can only unpack *.img(Rockchip proprietary format files) not gpt images.
For GPT images, you need to use Linux and the unpack.sh tool in the SDK/RKTools folder.

Bad example then, i couldnt do ANYTHING with the tool, it just read back invalid device

Try to use AndroidTool_Release_v2.71.zip or newer ones

This image will be installed with Windows?
4,5 Gb

|20:11:49 227|瑞芯微开发工具 v2.8.4.0 start run|
|20:12:17 934|RKDevTool v2.8.4.0 start run|
|20:12:38 577|Error:Loading firmware failed,err=-5|
|20:12:46 781|Layer<>: RunProc is ending, ret=0|
|20:12:50 210|Error:CheckDownloadItem--> is not existed!|
|20:12:51 469|Layer<>: RunProc is ending, ret=0|
|20:12:55 583|Error:Loading boot failed,err=-1|
|20:14:23 778|RKDevTool v2.8.4.0 start run|
|20:14:26 312|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0|
|20:14:48 348|INFO:RKU_ResetPipe-->DeviceIoControl OK|
|20:14:48 349|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0|
|20:14:48 350|Error:ReadDevicePartTableProc-->During checking gpt or parameter RKU_ReadLBA failed,err=-3|
|20:15:44 214|RKDevTool v2.8.4.0 start run|
|20:15:51 287|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=995,size=31,write=0|
|20:15:53 297|ERROR:RKU_ResetPipe-->DeviceIoControl failed,err=31|
|20:15:53 301|Error:ReadDevicePartTableProc-->During checking gpt or parameter RKU_ReadLBA failed,err=-3|
|20:16:09 703|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0|
|20:16:31 740|INFO:RKU_ResetPipe-->DeviceIoControl OK|
|20:16:31 744|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=31,size=31,write=0|
|20:16:31 745|<LAYER 1-5-2-1-3> ERROR:TestDevice-->RKU_TestDeviceReady failed,RetCode(-3),path=\\?\USB#VID_2207&PID_330C#8&DABAE1&0&3#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}|
|20:16:37 759|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=995,size=31,write=0|
|20:16:39 768|ERROR:RKU_ResetPipe-->DeviceIoControl failed,err=31|
|20:16:39 771|<LAYER 1-5-2-1-3> ERROR:TestDevice-->RKU_TestDeviceReady failed,RetCode(-3),path=\\?\USB#VID_2207&PID_330C#8&DABAE1&0&3#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}|
|20:16:45 785|Error:RKU_Write-->WriteFile failed,bRet=0,err=995,size=31,write=0|
|20:16:47 803|ERROR:RKU_ResetPipe-->DeviceIoControl failed,err=31|
|20:16:47 807|<LAYER 1-5-2-1-3> ERROR:TestDevice-->RKU_TestDeviceReady failed,RetCode(-3),path=\\?\USB#VID_2207&PID_330C#8&DABAE1&0&3#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}|
|20:17:25 017|Error:Loading firmware failed,err=-5|
|20:17:39 368|RKDevTool v2.8.4.0 start run|
|20:17:47 598|Error:Loading firmware failed,err=-5|

I still cannot get the program to do anything at all, even just loading the gpt images provided by radxa fails.

I got the same issues using the upgrade tool on a linux machine. I could not run any of the commands without error, the test device command failed, downloading partitions, even checking the S/N all failed. I even tried the Windows tool on a different computer.

I have a RockPi 4B v1.4, and so far no combination of OS, computer, driver, or tool works for me to do anything with this device. I am abl;e to see the device is in MASKROM mode via the tools, but that is the only thing they succeed at.

Do not use the GPT raw image unpacking with Rockchip Android tool. For GPT image, you can mount each partitions on the PC. No need to “unpack” since it’s not “packed”.

The newer version Rockchip Android tool support writing raw images to eMMC. Check this:


It’s not as the rkupdate format you were familiar before.