RKDevTool 2.81 - Where to put the image?

Hi folks,

I just downloaded the RkDevTool 2.81 and it has way more options than only the two from the previous version. Sadly the documentation is not updated yet.

Where do I put the image I downloaded ?

The Options are:
Loader - > rk3399_loader_v1.20.119.bin
Parameter -> ?
Uboot -> ?
trust -> ?
Misc -> ?
Resource -> ?
Lernel -> ?
Boot -> ?
Recovery -> ?
System -> ?
BAckup -> ?

Hi I put the image in Uboot slot. It works for me.

Hi and thanks for the hint.

With that it keeps telling me “Downloading image ok” but it will not start from emmc.
The green and blue LED are steadily on. none flashing or blinking.

The RockPi4B starts fine from microSD-Card, but that’s not what I want.

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi tniercke, I burned the Debian os image. It works for me but the image from a third party doesn’t work. I don’t know why.