RKDev Tool for Image Load (SD NAND)

I am familiar with the process of loading a Debian Buster image to a microSD
RockpiS/install/microSD - Radxa Wiki

I would like to write the same image I have to a new RockPiS that has only an 8GB SD NAND however I don’t fully understand what I am doing with the RKDev Tool v2.86 on Windows.

On the Download Image tab, I believe I need to load a .bin file and .img file.
I found the .bin loader here
Index of /rockpis/images/ubuntu (radxa.com)

Offical Debian Image from here
RockpiS/downloads - Radxa Wiki

When I select these and Run the loader and Debian image are downloaded. Once this is done I disconnect and plug in separately, get a power light, no activity.

What am I missing, what is the next step to enable Debian to work on the SD NAND?

I have tried Upgrade Firmware tab and Advance Function tab to load, upgrade with various results, but I don’t know what I am doing.