RK3655 Custom Board - Some help needed

hello everyone.
This is my very first post on the forum. I was given this custom board by my employer to see how if i can get armbian or ubuntu headless installed on it.
Board is powered by a RK3566 has 2GB Ram and 64GB eMMC. It also has a few handy buttons, one of which is reset and other one is to enter maskrom/loader mode.
I was able to use the handy button to enter maskrom mode, followed these steps: radxa site/installusb-install-radxa-e23 however with fw for Rock3 platform.
installed the init loader and then the firmware. both processes went well however upon reset now i cant access the device lol. I have a feeling i may have messed myself up a little by not doing enough research however im hoping the experts here could maybe give me some guidance.
attaching some pictures of the board.

I appreciate any help/pointers i can get with this.

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