RK3399 Device test fail

Hello, we have a few RK3399 boards where we try to update the firmware to Android 10 using the RKDevTool V2.86 on Windows. I can see the board, and all is good until the test faze. I have tried this on different boards with Windows and also Linux, but I still have the same issue. The logs don’t tell much that makes sense to me or to assist on debugging.
Below I have a screenshot of the program at failure, and also the logs I get.
Image I am using is RK3399-JETWAY-LVDS-P32HVN02_202206291612.img we got from our client.
I would appreciate any help!

If it matters, I am running Win10 on a VirtualBox on Linux. USB works fine as you can see, but just thought I’d mention in case.