RK3308B or RK3308B-S?

Hi, I bought Pi-S this year. The package QR code (on the seal sticker) says

Production Batch: 20230620310

I would assume that the newer RK3308B-S SoC would be included, as the non-S is already old and according to https://github.com/radxa-build/rock-pi-s/releases/tag/20220801-0043 unsupported, quoting:

Currently, only RK3308B-S variant is supported since 2022/04/01.
For non RK3308B-S variant, please use the legacy Radxa debos image.

Yet from that description it looks like inside that sealed package was an old board from 2019 with RK3308B, again quoting description for identifying RK3308B-S:

  1. The silkscreen on the chip says RK3308B , and
  2. The line below RK3308B should end with letter S .


I am hitting HW issues RockPi S + CS42448 I2S/I2C DAC setup and Rock Pi S - I2S0 - anyone getting clean 96/192kHz? , maybe the problem is the unsupported SoC, I do not know. Nothing seems to work while it apparently works for other users.

Please can I ask a Radxa specialist for comment? I have already spent countless tens of hours on this issue, trying to make the board a useful multichannel USB-I2S bridge which could be widely used by lots of potential customers.
Thanks a lot,


Hi, Pavel

RK3308B-S version was rejects by Rockchip’s customers because of the capability issue. So after the chip shortage in 2022, the RK3308B-S is not used by many custmoers. RK3308B is back and supply again.

Hi Jack, thanks a lot for the important info. Does it mean all your newer kernels on github have moved back to compability with the original RK3308B?