RFID tag reading Python

Has anyone managed to get an RFID reader to work with the Rock Pi 3 and Python? I can get the code to recognise a tag is present but not get any of the tag data. I want to be able to pull the tag ID.

The mfrc522 module is only compatible with Raspberry Pi and I am wondering if anyone has any work around?

To get it to detect a tag I am currently just reading the signal from the GPIO pins on the Rock Pi but it is only giving me True or False and not any tag data.

what’s the result on Raspberry Pi, which mfrc522 module do you used?

On the raspberry pi it is as simple as importing the mfrc522 module but this gives an only compatible with Raspberry Pi error. https://github.com/pimylifeup/MFRC522-python](https://github.com/pimylifeup/MFRC522-python)

I am using this reader https://www.handsontec.com/dataspecs/module/RDM6300.pdf.