Resetting the RP2040

How do you reset (not push into bootsel) the RP2040 in the X2L?

I can’t see anyway to obviously ground the run pin electronically. I find myself needing to do it so I can unpick micro python when it gets stuck or just to restart an app without ending up in bootsel mode and having to load a fresh image as there doesn’t seem to a way to cleanly get out of that either.

There are two pins on a additional chip on the board that you can use to short the pins.

More information I gathered in the thread below.

On the Intel side of things, GPIO 60 is for powering the RP2040 and GPIO 61 is for BOOTSEL.

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Ah, yes, you can power it down and up, using GPIO 60. The incaction of the script usually given pushes you into BOOTSEL mode, but skip pin 61 and you can power down and back up. It’s not the same as doing a pin 19 (RUN) pin reset on the RP2040 which should keep your UART device up while resetting, but I guess it’ll have to do.

I used the term “powering” the RP2040 but that might have been misleading. It looks like GPIO 60 is what is connected to the mosfet on the RUN Pin. This should be the same thing you are trying to do.