Request for DietPi on Radxa Rock 3 Model A

I recently installed DietPi on the eMMC of my Radxa Zero and it has been an amazing experience. The performance and smooth running nature of their configuration is great. IMO Ubuntu Server and Debian are a bit too bloated for even a high powered SBC. This SBC does run fine with the vanilla distros but there is often a-lot that is not needed. Using a minimal OS with thoughtful configuration is really nice. I posted a request on their GitHub to do an official port for the Rock 3 Model A. ( They are interested and are going to request an engineering sample! I hope the Radxa team decide to send them one out :slight_smile: If yall have not tried DietPi on any of the supported SBC, give it a go!

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Sure hope so too. DietPi has always been fantastic.