Request for Debian patch to disable raid6 benchmark at boot and u-boot without 2 seconds delay

Can someone help me with this?


Unfortunately I’m newbie in kernel edit and Linux compilation so I ask for help from enthusiasts with an already configured environment.

Enthusiasts are also asking for your help:

There are “1000 people” waiting in the line for a small favour … Thought about that?

Alternatively you can make a pull request and collect kernels from artefacts. Example:

But that will not fix u-boot problem. tl;dr; Use a tool and donate to support its maintenance. It saves you days of your - I assume - precious time.

Fix 1. u-boot 2 sec delay.
Fix 2. raid6 bench - 1 sec delay.

Problems solved :crazy_face:


I know it’s a bit late for this, but adding a ‘bootdelay=-2’ variable to uEnv.txt might also remove the u-boot 2 sec delay.

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