Request for a large convenient power button for ROCK 5B and fanless case

I wouldn’t want to poke a match or a toothpick every day to turn it on. Please upgrade the board with a comfortable big push button and this fanless case for this board.

Look at the KKSB case.

It can be passive or active and has a “functional” power button. I don’t use it because I need a closed shell in a dusty environment, but if you don’t have this problem, one of the best case IMHO.


Thanks, but I don’t like this design. I prefer the one with the green bet.

Also, instead of a mini HDMI input on the front, it would be better to make USB-C and a couple of regular USB 3.0. I don’t know who needs an HDMI input and why it was placed in front and not in the back.

This is just personal opinion, as HDMI input can have plenty of uses, some I can think of immediately is using the board as a capture card or running object detection.

As for the case, the KKSB has exactly what you’re asking for. A large button and has a removable passive heatsink if you ever want a fan. If you want green, paint it.

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The KKSB case has an ugly design and a small heatsink. As for the HDMI input, why is it needed on the front panel and why do we need a stupid mini connector.

If you want to use it seriously, just mount the fan inside instead of the heatsink.

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Because hdmi-in is supported by chip and taking in account NPU - there is actually a lot of reason why it’s here.

As for placement and size - we are talking about sbc, don’t forget it, there is not THAT much space