Regular reboot and shutdown of Android TV 9.

I purchased on the site these components:

ROCK PI 4B - Board only (2.4 / 5GHz WLAN Bluetooth 5.0) 4GB v1.4
ACER M.2 NVMe SSD for Rock Pi4 512GB
eMMC 5.1 for ROCK PI 4 (also for ODroid) 16GB
ROCK PI 4x - M.2 Extension board v1.4

According to the instructions, I installed Android TV 9 on the SSD, everything worked right away. But long-term operation is not possible, Rock PI reboots itself, or turns off, in which case only one green indicator lights up continuously, the blue indicator does not blink. Exactly the same situation when I install Android TV 9 on eMMC. It can reboot after two hours or after 12 hours. The temperature on the CPU does not rise above 48 degrees.

How to solve this problem?

Best regards, Dmitry.

I am the owner of Nvidia Shild PRO 2019, this prefix does not restart for weeks.

what’s your power adapter?

Hello. Laptop adapter for 12 volts and 3 amperes.

Hello jack.
The issue of downloading from eMMC has been resolved. Installed Android TV 9 on eMMC from under Debian. Previously, I recorded the image through the adapter that was included (uSD to eMMC adapter), I had problems with it as I wrote earlier.

Best regards, Dmitry.

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I am attaching a link to a video on the topic of the cyclic reboot of Android TV 9 on the Acer VT500M SSD.

How to solve this problem? Android TV 9 needs to work with Acer M.2 SSD.

I think this is not reboot but blinking. Is your TV 4K resolution? How good is your HDMI cable? Is this cable working on other 4K device at 60HZ?

I repeat once again, Android 9 TV on microSD works fine for me. I have a FullHD TV. How can an HDMI cable or TV be to blame if it works on microSD or eMMC?