Refresh Rock Pi E?

Want to see if Radxa team may refresh Rock Pi E any time soon, kinda upgrade from RK3328 to RK3566? That would bring a little bit more performance (A53 1.5GHz to A55 1.8GHz), GbE (SoC) + 2.5GbE (1st PCIe lane), USB 3.0 (2nd PCIe lane); maybe a new m.2 B-key slot (USB 3.0) “somewhere” with SIM socket would be very nice for 4G/5G modem for a potential resilient uplink. Given no other brand has m.2 B-key slot in this category AFAIK, I think it can be a good product differentiator.

Currently comparable alternative (if not sold out) would be CM3 (1GB US$30) + E23 ($20), with competitor’s NanoPi R4S 1GB @US$50 and R2S 1GB @US$32, maybe a price at US$40 is doable?


We have E23 and E25:

Some basic info here:

Which one do you prefer?

Thanks jack, though they are not available on allnetchina: E23 is “new and out of stock” while E25 is no where to be found, and likely combined pricing would be higher than wanted (and w/o case: can’t find either). My plan is just to run a dedicated firewall using IPFire so E23 is sufficient, with m.2 B-key slot highly desirable. Though I think my concern now is that I cannot buy, so perhaps I should just buy something comparable (e.g. RK3568 2GB 2x2.5GbE ~US$50 while CM3 2GB is US$40 and not available) on Taobao and forward back to me then. And it is very important that it comes with a case :slight_smile: