Recommended and available M.2 NVME for Rockpi4a

I just had my system SD card get some corruption and can’t get it to boot yet. So I’m thinking about getting NVME SSD to have as my system drive instead.

What are some recommended and still available SSDs for RockPI4a? I don’t need the fastest specs, at least nothing that is better than the RPi can handle.

Most of NVME will work, Pi5 also improved firmware a lot and for now more and more drives fully works there.
Pick anything from middle shelf and it will be ok, I tested SN520 and HP EX900, both were ok. Remember to use overlay for pcie 2.1 and right image for spi to boot directly from nvme.
Also You will need adapter board to fit nvme (on top?). If You decide to use 2230 format then it’s quite easy to mount it directly and it will not overflow that much.