RDP/ Desktop on Rockpi S

I am truly battling to get the desktop and rdp to work o0n Rockpi S. I am using the Armbian config utility. I have tried the latest Armbian Focal and Buster builds - for both I need to constantly reenable Desktop and only Focal had the option to load RDP. In either case (after manually installing RDP) they still don’t work. I can only assume I am making some fundamental error. Any suggestions ?

You need to install a desktop and then enable RDP. Are you sure you want to run a desktop on 256/512Mb board?

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I occasionally need a desktop unfortunately. The attraction of the Armbian build is that it has a menu item armbian-config that brings up a text based menu allowing me to load and then enable/ disable the desktop. One of the versions also has a rdp install script. My problem is that the desktop and the rdp scripts dont seem to work - but I could also be making some error - although seems simple enough. I am trying to find out if my fat finger issue or whether the build is buggy and my time is better spent elsewhere.

OK, installation could/should/must work. I’ll check that part on that image specifically when possible.

We invest 30-60h into the project every day that you don’t need to waste your time for dealing with raw Debian / kernel.org + Radxa material. Imagine how much you would need to spend without that …


Love the Armbian concept and love the software. Good for someone like me who knows enough to hack around and eventually get something working but who spends hours on it. I have gone back to your previous version and it mostly works. After working on the latest version I also went back to raw debian and missed the Armbian software !. Please do take a look at the xrdp and desktop. I am also using the hotspot functionality but with an extra sensitive usb adapter as the backhaul and the on-board rockpi wifi as the AP. Am also running node-red which works very well.

Probably this bug below was making you troubles:

merged yesterday :smile: