RCKPI4 M.2 - use PCIe Sata card (up to 8+ ports)?

I am not so in-depth in low-level hardware, so I’m wandering - is it possible with m2->pcie x4 riser (e.g.)

and pcie->8 sata card (e.g.)

get use of all ports available on this card? Could be there some driver trick or another incompatibility?
First of all, is M.2 port on RockPi is real PCI.e x4 slot?

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If 5x sata is enough, perhaps this is for you:

Thanks. Right now - 5 is enough, and i’ve ordered a penta sata hat, but looking forward, i think, i will go up to 9-10 disks, so try to figure out, how to make it possible

Realistically, any PCIe card should just work, as it’s a proper 4 lane PCIe slot. (It should also work just fine with cards of any lane configuration, but only a maximum of 4 can be used, obviously.)

Yeah, my knowledge of hardware also told me that, but i’d like to hear confirmation from @radxa team, like - “this is official now, yes you can”

Radxa team is limited with a SoC design. SoC was designed by Rockchip … there is most of your official channel, but Rockchip will not talk to you about anything. Also nobody will officially stand behind 3rd party hardware except 3rd part hardware providers. PCI compatibility is good in theory, but you can’t be 100% sure. Its on you to try.

is M.2 port on RockPi is real PCI.e x4 slot

Yes, the the 4 lanes PCIe on RK3399 can not be split to two 2 lanes or four 1 lane. So it’s kind of limited. For the pcie->8 sata card you posted, we need to know how it’s implemented. Do you know which chip it uses?

Hi, thanks for an answer
Yes, this is Marvell 88SE9215 combined (somehow) with JMicron JMB5** (I suppose it’s JMB575)
Here is amazon link

In that case, 88SE9215 is the direct connection with ROCK Pi 4 and the JMB575 is just SATA expander. I think we can support that. We’ve tested another Marvell family PCIe to 4 sata chip, which works(forgot the exact model number).

Probably this one - works fine:

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