Rbuild: Run, error: exit status 1

I’m facing an issue, when trying to generate a new image for RPI cm4 IO board. When i run ./rbuild radxa-cm3-rpi-cm4-io cli i get

    2023/04/25 08:52:53 Formatting partition 2 | 
    2023/04/25 08:52:54 ==== Enable swap device ====
    2023/04/25 08:52:54 set -e... | mkswap: cannot open /dev/vda3: No such file or directory
    2023/04/25 08:52:54 Action `Enable swap device` failed at stage Run, error: exit status 1
    Powering off.

I followed the github First Image tutorial and Radxa Documentation but i cannot make it work.

I’m running the command on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. Has someone faced the same problem or know what it could be?
Some help will be appreciated, thank you in advance

missing /dev/vda indicates some problem with virtual disk storage,
review Your podman installation, storage system