Rbuild: error starting uml backend

Hi guys so I was wondering if someone can help me… When i run
./rbuild radxa-cm3-rpi-cm4-io cli
I get:
2023/04/25 19:15:40 ==== Clean up rootfs ====

2023/04/25 19:15:40 ==== Clean up rootfs ====

2023/04/25 19:15:41 ==== Save rootfs ====

2023/04/25 19:15:41 Compressing to /home/rbuild/.rootfs/debian_bullseye_base.tar

Powering off.

error starting uml backend: <nil>

I’m running the command on Ubuntu 22.04. I followed the guides from radxa but still not working.
I tried to run the command for another board but I get the same error ( error starting uml backend: <nil>).

Some help will be appreciated, thank you in advance

Most likely you are building in a VM, in which case please enable nested virtualization. This is mentioned now in our rbuild doc.

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