Rbuild adding enable splash screen for rock-4se

We want to enable a splash screen for rock-4se and also want to add our custom logo on splash screen. How can we do it with rbuild?

@RadxaYuntian please help to give some advice

@RadxaYuntian can you please update here?

We have generated an image for Rock 4 se with rbuild but it does not work at all. We want to display our custom splash screen like the Andriod image shows a loading screen a few seconds (2-3) after boot. We are using DSI display with Rock 4 SE. This is what we tried so far:

  1. The image generated with rbuild does not boot at all. The computer powers up (it can be seen by a short flash of the screen and the green LED lights up), but then nothing happens. Nothing happens also if I connect the external screen to do HDMI port. Also - the blue activity LED is blank.
    I tried this on many SD cards and many different image burners, the behavior is always the same.

  2. The stock Debian desktop and Debian server work, but via HDMI only. This is OK, because if I remember correctly, when I configured my own image based on the stock Debian I needed to enable the SPI overlay in the rsetup app for the DSI LCD to work. The blue LED blinks. In both images, the screen remains blank for about 15 seconds before the system comes up.

  3. The Android image works on DSI by default and shows a loading screen a few seconds (2-3) after boot. This is what we want to achieve.

Can you please help us achieve behavior similar to Andriod’s image to display our custom logo on the splash screen?

If you are building image with rbuild you need to build the desktop variant.