Raspberry Pi OS for Rock 4 CV+

I tried to flash the Raspberry Pi Os 64 bit (Debian 11, bullseye) onto an SD card, but the Rock 4 did not boot.
Is there any solution?
We do need the Raspberry Pi OS, because the libcamera/picamer2 modules do not run on other distros.

Many thanks, OCLab

No. Raspberry OS uses a bootloader and a kernel that are specific for the Broadcom CPU on Raspberry, it will not work. a ROCK 4C+ while have the mostly to same connectors as a PI, uses different CPU and other components. You could replace it by uboot and a Kernel for the ROCK 4C+, but this is not a beginners task. Download a Debian image for the ROCK, either from Radxa, Armbian, DietPi or others.

Regarding libcamera: I cannot answer this, but libcamera itself seems not to depend on Raspberry HW, however, as the ROCK 4C+ a a relatively new beast, I don’t know how and if it would work out of the box.