Raspberry pi 4 model b


Did not see this coming ā€¦ how does the SPEC compare to the Rock Pi 4 ?

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Prob similar 4x A72 at lower clock vs 2x A72 high clock & 4x A53.

2x Hdmi vs 1 but we will have to see how video core VI is supported as was never a fan of the prop VC4 but it will have raspberry support.
The lack of PCIe for me is pretty major and was really hoping they would also include a m.2 interface.
Such a shame as for education with a cheap nvme ssd they prob would of made in roads to desktop.

$35 though even if 1GB and same ddr4 to $54 for 4GB

Then it will be panfrost vs the raspberry VC6

The is a Neo4 that has the same benches here.

So it looks slightly slower 80-90% but prob has great OC headroom, shame about the pcie as otherwise it would be a total killer @ price.

The Pi3ā€™s Videocore IV is useless for anything involving shaders or 3D. The new version is said to be good for 2D and video en/decoding. However, in terms of processing power, memory, peripherals, compatibility, the armies of enthustiastic devs, and the price-performance ratio, the Raspberry Pi4 will undoubtedly be a huge success like its predecessors. The choice for Videocore compatibility is the main flaw, but it stops Chinese clone devs in their tracks and boosts development very significantly. I have it on order, not played with it yet, but Iā€™m quite sure about my expectations.

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