Raspberry 7" Touchscreen not working on Android 7.1.2


Offiziell Raspberry pi3, 7" Tochscreen not working on Android Nougat.
Any idea to make it work?


Is there nobody who has the same problem or anybody who uses Raspi Touchscreen with success?

From the wiki FAQ page:

Can I use the Raspberry Pi Display?

Yes. The touch and the LCD works on ROCK Pi 4. Both Debian and Android. Same as camera, touchscreen is supported on Android tablet version only.

You can download this image and test:


Thanks for reply. Image does not work. It starts, shows the lock screen but does not react on touch. After a few seconds display goes blank an never awaks.

Take a picture of how you connect the i2c wires. You can use a mouse to unlock the screen first.

I have connected the screen the same way as on raspberry pi.
Have a look at my attached picture.

The connection should be right. Can you turn the USB OTG switch to device and connect ROCK Pi 4 to PC and check adb debugging? You need a usb A to A male cable.

No connection is not right. This board uses I2c pins for touch display.
Now the image works fine. The only issue i found is that the display timeout
does not work. I would like that the display blanks after 30 seconds. Any
idea whow to do that?

I think you can set it in setting->display?

No i have no luck. Timeout does not work. I dedected another problem.
Cannot run Google play because Google says this board is not google

For the Play store issue, check this:

Before trying any solution on your own, make sure your screen protection I not causing this issue. To check this remove the protection glass because on my phone it was causing the problem. Also, if the screen is totally damaged or you have dropped the phone somewhere, then it is better to take your phone to the service center.
If there is no such issue and the touchscreen problem is happening out of nowhere, then there must be some small glitch. There are several ways to fix this problem. It is not possible to explain each and every solution here. So, you can take help from here: Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen On Android