Rasberry pi camera v2 enable in ubuntu_focal_kde of rockhip 4c +

i am trying to capture video in rockchip 4c+ using rasberrpi v2 camera in ubuntu_focal_kde os ,
it not detecting whether camera is connected or not , if anyone enbled raspicamv2 in rock 4c+ ,please share how to enable cam driver in rockhip 4c+

That depends on which OS and which version. Using an older image from radxa download ( https://github.com/radxa-build/rock-4c-plus/releases ) i used rsetup to enable it, rebooted, installed some software. Some work some don’t. Using armbian, you use a different utility to enable the camera. , but it’s similar. It has been a long while since i set mine up. Once you enable camera interface and reboot, if v4l2 is installed you might attempt to use that or just on the quick use cheese to make sure it is working. I have also had to borrow the device tree modules from radxa and add to armbian in the past but armbian may have a LOT more now. I hope that gets you started.