"Randomly" turning off

My ROCK PI X is running Ubuntu 21.04 and it’s doing great so far…the only problem I seemingly can’t fix is random shutdowns
Every now and then, after some usage time it just turns off… you turn it back on… it runs a minute and turns off again…
I suggested thermal issues, so I bought the official heat sink and installed it using some thermal paste. I also use a RasPi fan for some airflow… the sensors are telling me no more than 55°C (which is a rare peak)

Any suggestions what I can try next?

What power supply are you using?

I was using a generic 9V supply. Luckily I had a 65W Laptop Charger lying around, which I use now. No turning off so far…
after some time it does nothing anymore. Streams stop, no reaction to input, nothing works but hard restart.

From what I’ve leant so far, I can not determine if it’s a software or a hardware issue yet. How about Windows? Can you make a Windows U disk and run on Windows to test?

I could do it, but I would prefer not doing it. Any other suggestions on troubleshooting?

Little update here: I used Brave instead of Firefox yesterday and didn’t run into the issue. Also temperature was around 10 degrees lower… so I guess it could be caused by firefox’ poor RAM/thread management?!

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