(Random) freezes on Rock Pi 4b


I am using my Rock Pi 4b for about a month from now on. At the beginning everything was going well but since a few weeks, my Rock Pi 4b just starts freezing. Sometimes randomly and sometimes if i plug in a USB-Device or a USB-Stick. I have to disconnect the power and leave it for a few minutes and then i can try again.
I have already tried to:
Change the Power Cable
Reinstall Debian 10
Cool the chip with an external fan

Did you tried https://www.armbian.com/rockpi4/ ?

I did not yet. Is there a big difference between these operating systems?

If you are coming from stock Debian with kernel 4.4.y, then very very big.

uh, oh oh, doesnt sound very good as i don’t have much experience with operating system (especially linux) but i’ll try anyway