Random crashes in Rock Pi S with Debian and Armbian


I have two Rock Pi S boards. I am facing an issue of random system crashes. There doesn’t seem to be any particular trigger which causes crash.

  • In official debian with 4.xx kernel the crash frequency is quite high. Crash happens almost every two-three days.
  • In Armbian with 5.15 kernel (Image from github: Armbian_22.05.0-trunk_Rockpi-s_bullseye_current_5.15.32_minimal) , the crash frequency is considerably lower. It happens mostly after 15-20 days. But sometimes, it also happens just after a day.

I have tried following fixes without success:

  • Changed power supplies. Both power supplies had 5v 2A and 5v 2.5A rating respectively
  • Changed SD cards
  • Checked with both boards

Main issue is when the crash happens, the kernel log is not preserved. Hence it is not possible to know the main cause.

Please help.

Hello. We would like to know your hardware version and production date. We would like to duplicate it.

Hello @setq

The hardware version is V13. Not sure about production date as there is no batch number or any other information available on the board or the box. However, there is a marking of 20190910 on the board written below ROCK PI S V13 if it helps.

@markandpathak Can you take a photo for the error board?

Ok. @StarZou Here is the image of the board in which we face error.

What kind of stuff you are running on the board?


@RadxaYuntian Currently nothing, I just leave the board running after booting up with the mentioned images, connect it to the WiFi through serial console, then I disconnect the serial console and occasionally check the uptime by logging in through SSH.

Please try sudo journalctl -k -b -1 after a crash to see if there is anything there. journald should periodically save the log to storage media. -1 in the command refer to last boot, so if the command didn’t print the correct log, you can adjust this parameter to see if there is one when the system crashed.

Ok. Although, I have tried to find crash logs but during crash logs are lost. Still, I will post the log with the mentioned command when next time crash happens.