Radxa Zero v1.51 - UART 921,600 baud rate failed

I’m using Radxa Zero v1.51 with Debian Linux
pi@radxa-zero:$ uname -a
Linux radxa-zero 5.10.165-1-stable #179624a57 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 31 03:53:59 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux
pin #8 - UART_A0_A_TXD
pin #10 - UART_A0_A_RXD

I ran into an issue with the UART 921600 baud rate, transmitting and receiving data is corrupted.
Notes: the UART 115200, 230400, 460800 baud rates are working.

Please advice.
Thanks in advance!

Same issue from this previous ticket:

Please advice how to fix the 921600 baud rate issue.