Radxa Zero u-boot version and compile

Hello, I have a question about Radxa Zero U-boot version:

According to the compilation process(https://wiki.radxa.com/Zero/dev/u-boot):
Clone and compile this version: git clone -b radxa-zero-v2021.07 https://github.com/radxa/u-boot.git
The printed version after running is: U-Boot 2021.07-24139-gdb6738fed9 radxa-zero

The U-boot version downloaded directly from https://dl.radxa.com/zero/images/loader/u-boot.bin, the printed version is: U-Boot 2022.04-00001-g4bbaa9c0 radxa-zero
According to the printed time information, the directly downloaded version is newer, but I can’t find the source code (tag) corresponding to this version.

Can you please help to know how to get the code for downloading the U-boot version (U-Boot 2022.04-00001-g4bbaa9c0), so that I could compile and generate the same u-boot image?

Thank you so much! !

https://u-boot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/board/amlogic/radxa-zero.html <= instructions
https://source.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot/-/tree/v2022.10 <= u-boot has support for the board
https://github.com/LibreELEC/amlogic-boot-fip/tree/master/radxa-zero <= FIP sources for signing