Radxa Zero Should Improve USB Boot Button

rock pi zero 4GB/128G received today

I read and followed the wiki manual, and the button was broken after about 3 attempts.

USB boot button too small and weak

Improvement is urgently needed


I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We’ll improve it.

Mine did the same after I used it. The insulating tape ane button fell apart. If you are comfortable soldering I soldered a 2 pin momentary button right to the exposed button. Just ensure that the you do not bridge the inner portion of the button to the outer portion on the radxa. Also make sure the button is normally open. The biggest advantage to the button i soldered is that the wires are long enough that it is easier to plug in and power and press the button without having to hold the board nonstop.

I am the same but too fiddly for my old eyes to be soldering that.
It did get some use with the early images but not that much and was surprised at how easily it peeled away.

Same here.

Manage to break the USB root button as well after a few attempts to fix the boot device order (wanted MMC before USB). Got no solder skills but I have some tools here, so I could try something instead of throwing it away. Could you share a pic how what it looked like after soldering the wires? Looks almost impossible to solder something in such a small space.