Radxa Zero out of stock? When will the HW ver 1.5 be available?

  1. Where/whom can I buy v1.4 hardware? do you have any official channel?
  2. when will v1.5 come out? Can you explain a bit about its difference from v1.4?

I’ve been keenly awaiting Radxa zero to come with enough stock. I am about to buy 100 units for try run. and more to follow going to MP.

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v1.5 is still in production.

The hardware changes is trivial, see


Thanks Jack for timely response.
Do you have an estimate when v1.5 will be available in market?

the v1.4 is very difficult to buy, with much elevated price. We are quite concerning this product line (Radxa zero) will be cut off. Can you confirm you will NOT do so?

We are still waiting… :disappointed_relieved:
I warn you Santa, if I don’t get my RADXA Zero 1G, on time I will never talk to you again.

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When will the Radxa Zero 512MB or 1GB version be available?
If in China, there is no Taobao or other domestic channels (such as Weidian Pinduoduo) available for purchase? , the domestic supplier price is usually much higher than the official website US dollar price

RADXA ZERO四核迷你开发Amlogic S905Y2 芯片 Quad Cortex-A53-淘宝网 (taobao.com)

correction: RADXA 没有直营淘宝店,你发的链接是我们的官方代理商。

c什么时候有512MB版本的新货,最低选项只有4GB RAM版本了