Radxa Zero - How to copy Yocto image to eMMC?

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’ve built a Yocto image for the Radxa Zero following the instructions from https://github.com/superna9999/meta-meson but I’m having trouble working out how to copy it to the eMMC on the board.

I’ve followed the instructions to use the RZ USB Boot Helper to erase the eMMC then I’ve used Balana Etcher to write the .wic image from Yocto to the drive that appears after wiping the eMMC.

However, when I try to boot, I seem to be stuck in a boot loop. The serial console just keeps repeating


I have built Yocto images for Raspberry Pi boards before but that’s always been to SD card. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


@Stephen please help to give some advice

The bootrom isn’t finding a bootable image, so either the image is bad and correctly written to eMMC or the image is good and incorrectly written to eMMC. The UART output shows there is no u-boot installed to eMMC (which is good, nothing is interfering) and the Yocto image should be bootable from an SD card so I would try doing that as a first step.