Radxa Zero Handheld

This is my upgrade to my previous project.
First i have khadas vim1 as brain of the device.
Now i am trying to swap for the new radxa zero.
Still in trial to test android os and next will be the power consuption.
Having issues with lack of drivers for touchscreen and only this touch actualy works.!

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Nice. Zero 2 will give you more power for your handheld.

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wait, there will be an zero 2 already? :eyes:

Which touchscreen have you tried?

Interesting. Something new is under developement. I see. :grinning:

After using Radxa Zero with Aidan’s custom android with touchscreen, it’s very anoying and hard to use the system because it is focused at Android TV and don’t have acessibility like screen buttons or even volume control…
Is the Official Radxa Android the same ATV customisation? without softkeys?
The other touchscreens are one 10.1inch

and one 7inch ips with speakers

wow, I catched that too and hope it was not about something that has “w” letter next to 2 :wink: