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I got my radxa Zero with Color Coded Header, they “visually” looked similar to raspberry zero.
I was wondering if Radxa Zero is compatible with parts that is available for raspberry zero GPIO pins?
Thank you

I strongly believe that the arrangement is different, but you should be 100% able to do everything that you could do on a Raspberry.

believe = I’m not 100% sure

I’m currently exploring the GPIOs because they could be useful to getting rid of the classic USB Periphery

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In short they are mostly not compatible. Here is Zero’s pinout and here is RPi’s pinout. If you are determined you can likely make them work, but not in the out-of-box default configuration.


I am trying to work with GPIO Radxa Zero. I am started with mraa library. At the begining I thought that Radxa pins are compatible with RPI. But I see that some pins do not have the same functions as RPI. I need this board to replace RPI Zero ( bad idea). In my circuit I need the GPIO of RPI 24,25,16,22. What are the number of these pins?

The GPIO numbers no works

IIRC libmraa uses physical pin number. So you can first go to pinout.xyz to find your RPi physical pin number (ex. GPIO 24 is physical pin 18 on RPi), and then use physical number (18) to access the same physical pin on Zero, assuming you just transplant the jump wire connection straight from RPi to Zero.

Yesterday I was trying to change the level of GPIOs using MRAA and Python. However, I don’t have success to change the pins level.

sudo mraa-gpio set 40 1 #pin40 pull high
sudo mraa-gpio set 40 0 #pin40 pull low
Works perfectly. The pin#40 change.

These numbers gives error in python3: 0,2,4,6,9,12,14,15,17,20,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,39

These numbers do not error in python3:3,5,7,8,10,13,16,18,21,22,23,24,37,38,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51

Pin#12: in python is 7

This file: /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/mraa.py is prepare for other boards like RPI, Intel Edison…

Using MRAA, Do you have info about the numbers of the pins for use them in JAVA,PYTHON and C?
Do I have to guess the numbers of the pins myself?
So, Have I do to the research of https://dl.radxa.com/zero/docs/hw/S905Y2%20Quick%20Reference%20Manual%20v0.7.pdf ?

I post here a part of a python script to test the pins
#import RPi.GPIO as GPIO --> no works
import mraa
import time
import sys

#Inicializar Salidas

#Establecer Gpio como salidas

##definimos funciones

def ResetGoldelox():
    RESET_GOL.write(1) #RESET_GOLDELOX in high level. A low level provoque the reseting of all Goldelox Graphic processors
    time.sleep(5.1) # 1ms
    RESET_GOL.write(0) # A low level provoques the reseting of all Goldelox Graphic processors
    time.sleep(5.1) # 1ms

I am writing this post to inform that pins 35 and 36 are not accesible by users.

I have tried to use GPIOA0_8 (pin 35) and GPIOH_8 (Pin 36) with not success.

For instance:
sudo mraa-gpio set 35 1 #pin35 pull high, led on
ANSWER: Could not initialize gpio 35
sudo mraa-gpio set 36 0 #pin35 pull high, led off
ANSWER: Could not initialize gpio 36
sudo echo 420 > /sys/class/gpio/export
ANSWER: /sys/class/gpio/export: Permission denied
sudo echo 451 > /sys/class/gpio/export
ANSWER: /sys/class/gpio/export: Permission denied

Furthermore, I have tried to use the port UART_A0_B by writing in /boot/uEnv.txt the line
overlays= meson-g12a-uart-ao-b-on-gpioao-8-gpioao-9
The result is that UART communication only works in the line UART_A0_B_RX (pin 37). The line UART_A0_B_TX (Pin 35) does not work.

However if I configure the the port UART_A0_B in the pins 27 and 28
overlays= meson-g12a-uart-ao-b-on-gpioao-2-gpioao-3
This UART port works perfectly

Please Radxa Team, could you check if pins 35 and 36 are functionals?

I that case, could you guide me how to use them?


hello,I want to know that whether probblem solved?